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“ It was indeed a pleasure to be interviewed by one of the best book bloggers of India—Siddhi Palande.”

1. Interview Approach

“ Because human intelligence must have dimensions, I should have intelligence. You can also request a high IQ, and then I'll be able to complete the hike. There are many dimensions. So IQ is overrated, and I believe it.I need to be encouraged or discouraged to take 5 to 10? test I labelled all of the signs with facts and learning paradigms. And I  Leave it to you, but if you want to take it, I can deliver it completely. It is entirely up to you. I've got this thing where we say, "I believe in a formula." That is more difficult, but believe me, you know you can't stop yourself. In the second part of the book that took me to your own agents, I'll give you a create a post based on research that I've seen for my audience that does not go  with the IQ But I also have to give to the auction. it auctions It's not like you've been warm. I started working on education, thank you very much, and have such an emotional mindset. mindset that is opposed to development with research in the futureNow when you have the study, and when you know there is a sign behind it, you have said right It's not  that you're saying that's all you're saying because I really want you to understand what is honestly in development. It's only an accident.”

2. Interview Approach

“ And I'd like to bring renown publications, as we call them, to India. Baby, I'll call you in an hour, and you'll have to contact me when I'm done in the UK half of the time. You know, Republicans who follow a style guide. So I wanted to use somebody, and yeah, the grammar will not help you. It's only that, as you know, anything has a little, so that's only going to add beauty. Normally, you don't add beauty to your writing. That's why I'm adding beauty to the fact that you see that you're talking. That is the writing's beauty. I think you should write, write, write, but also consider a pattern that will help you, so we don't have that information from the video set. But it took me on the I don't exactly change the length of time in weeks, months, or years because I have more room to read and write a book because I have more room to read and write a book, but I think it's today that I justified it by saying that I read to benefit myself and write a book as a benefit of that, Jeremy. But that won't help my educational sprint, which will help you because a lot of myths are being busted, and people started calling me a mythbuster, which I'm not, and I'll feel privileged to help any parent understand in school.”

3. Interview Approach

“ Turn off Alex Daniel's Amazing Book Hagen for my old computer. Third, in my opinion, is my favourite doctor of all time. I've never read anything like this before; please include it. a new date And he was like, "Yeah, good night." Sharing  it with me. So it's so important that I move back to the school He didn't absorb the threatened soaking in absorbing its dissertations could be because that's how to the catalyst Yes, I'm making it.”

Interview By Prashant Singh


Can you please introduce yourself and tell us something about your book "IQ: Myth or Truth?"

Hello there! I am Zeeshan Zafar-but I use my first name a lot 'cause I love it-and would love to be addressed by my first name, Zeeshan. It sounds euphonious! Doesn't it? But, it doesn't mean I don't like my last name. I do-and I hold immense respect for it. Anyway, I am Zeeshan Zafar-a father and an education influencer. I'm ambivert. If I talk; I just talk and talk, but I know I got to walk my talk. I practice silence too-and so many a time I don't talk at all. I simply try to be myself. I'm on a mission to redesign and redefine the traditional education curriculum and pedagogical methods, especially for elementary, middle, and high school graders. IQ Myth or Truth is my first book, a non fiction in self help genre.


When did you get the thoughts of writing a book about IQ?

I could have written this book 2 years ago, but I yself: "How is my audience going to get benefit out of my book, since I always read to benefit myself. As I've a saying that reads: I read to benefit myself-and write to benefit others. Now I wrote it, and this book is for everyone who wants to learn and growi Personally, Academically, Socially, Emotionally, Psychologically, and Professionally.


What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book?

It's my personal research, but science-based, not anecdotal. So, I spend day in day out in my research process 'cause I simply want to serve the best-and having said that I use authentic resources for my research and also try to get in touch with people and organizations who are involved in a study, research, meta-analyses in education across the world. And, I do give them a credit-and it's my privilege.


What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

The most surprising thing was and is: IQ was never designed to measure human intelligence. Bitter, but true! It was simply designed to help school children in their language, mathematics, reasoning, memory, and spatial learning. And, this was the biggest breakthrough among all the breakthroughs that helped me create this book.


Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?

I believe I would come up with the next book in the same connection. In all modesty, I've got lots of myths to dispel in education.


Is there any more books coming this year from you? Which is your favourite genre?

If not this year, certainly early next year, I'm coming up with my next book on Introversion and Extraversion. My favorite genre is self help.


Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Yes, I do. They say Zeeshan, it seems I'm talking to you while reading your quotes, article, or book. And I feel on cloud nine. So, I always keep my adience in my mind and then write. Write as if you were talking to them; writing becomes easier for you. I also got to hear that this type of book is much needed for the development of our society.


When did you decide to join the tribe of writers? And Why?

I've been writing for ages, so I joined this tribe ages ago. I love writing more than nything else in my life. If I don't write a> day, I miss something.


What other things do you love than this writing?

I love training and mentoring school and college students. Since I'm a corporate coach, so I get to coach professionals too. And, when I really don't know what do with myself, I do something for someone else. It's> a quote, but it instilled in my heart, and this gives me a sense of gratitude. I love listening to music (genre: rock, blues, and soul). I love interacting with people as Bill Nye once remarked: "Everyone you meet knows something that you don't know". So, I always want to learn something from someone.


And last, What advice do you have for writers?

You should write in your own arena; means your own expertise. Maybe you're a finance geek, Technology geek, Fiction Geek, Fantasy, Mystery, or Romance Geek. Never try to go against your expertise, you won't be able to justify your writings 'cause it's not just the content you need to put on a piece of paper. Instead, motions, and you connect better with your audience emotionally. Because a human is born with emotions too if they're born with five senses. When you write, always ask: I could have written the best way. And, a dopt a style of writing: CMOS (The Chicago Manual of Style Guide) or AP (The Associated press Stylebook) and try to edit and proofread on your own. You will end up writing the best book. These two are not very common in India, but very popular in many parts of the world, and many renowned publishing companies have their own style guide. Have a good life, and make others' lives good too!

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Interview By RV Madhuri

Giveaway Activities
"IQ: Myth or Truth?"

The book is a very short read. As I have read the book both as a kindle and paperback version, I would surely prefer paperback. The author has also added an additional chapter which was also insightful.

I truly thank everyone who participated in this Giveaway contest, and I honestly appreciate each one of you for your time, effort, love, respect, and blessings 🙏 It's time now to announce the winner! You ready? Here you go... The winner of this giveway contest is @bibliophilic_mode_on.

Many congratulations 👏👏👏 And yes, I'm with you @bibliophilic_mode_on "Review is indeed an art just as much as any other form of writing". God bless you 🙏 God bless everyone 🤲🙏 And always remember my dear friends: You never lose or fail. Instead, you always learn and grow. Stay a life long learner; it's a beautiful journey🙏

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"IQ: Myth or Truth?"

I will be very candid about my perception about IQ - which is an acronym for intelligence quotient. I used to take part in several IQ tests and I scored pretty well too. I used to have late night discussions with my bestie regarding the IQ tests and also the other news related to it.

Though we both knew that IQ is not emerging and EQ is as equally important, still this book was an eye opener for me.

Thanks indeed for being candid 🙏 Now allow me to being candid about my book too. The book is just a way to make people aware of IQ (All About IQ). The actual work begins now. Hope you remember this: "Your Search For Real Success Begins With This Book".

Author Interview :-

Author Interviews

I enjoy working on a new task with a different client every day, and I believe multitasking and following several deadlines can help me become a stronger writer.

1. Interview Approach

There’s absolutely no harm in taking any IQ test, but believing this test alone predicts your success and failure in life is fallacious.

“ I Know very Great Book Sir, Thank you so much for this information because I also check myself I was living in this bubble for a long time time. I read this book I'm not saying it just because I'm hosting your interview or something but this is what I was doing all day all the time that was right You're looking for here The other way around if you know that you will fall into this category you have this slap and either way.
I also talk about your friend Type of even if you know I'm a natural fact that you're following this category i'm on youtube again and again again over and over again You can only increase your volume ohh not increasing your intelligence.”

2. Interview Approach

Every child is beautiful and unique, and when they all gather in the name of education, the nation grows beautifully and uniquely. So, help every child grow beautifully and uniquely.

“ Which is very close to my heart and your child is cute So is mine Your child is beautiful So is mine Your child is unique So is mine And then all gather in the name of Education The nation grows uniquely and beautifully So I have every single child group uniquely and variously checked in Real, Truly wonderful, wonderful quote And I really love it I love you so I have known so many things in your book as God a lot has dropped as well as recruiting to the parents.
As well as teachers in anybody who whom you know needs to know this as well as understand what it is to be a parent as well as what it what it is to be a student as well.”

About IQ

The most surprising thing in the book is: IQ was never designed to measure human Intelligence that drives the attention of a reader, and the author did justify his blurb. Since it’s a self-help in nonfiction.

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