About IQ Myth or Truth
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The book tells us the information about IQ - when and why it was started, how it became a yardstick to judge or determine one's iq and much more. The book breaks and gives information about myths and truths according to what the author elucidated through the title.

Though this term has gained a lot of attention and there are many quora messages and questions in this topic round the clock, it is very bold of author to come up with this book.

Parents have to be mindful about the child's requirements, which curriculum to opt for and also the different teaching practices followed in schools..

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A series of events happened with the author that led him up to this book based on personal, academic, social, emotional, psychological, and professional development of a child; holistic development of a child.



The author had two quests: “Is IQ Myth or Truth?” and “If not IQ, what?” and in both the quests the author spent years reading books (non fictions)—surfing authentic resources—connecting with finest brains across the world—participating in every possible global educational event—validating information and knowledge—and he’s here today, sharing nothing—but full of fascinating insights (science-based) into education through his book.



The author portrayed his own personal experience in his book through storytelling. But, this book is not only based on his personal experience, perhaps it’s full of science-based learning, research, and meta-analyses.



Writing is a skill, indeed!. But, it’s not only your content and research that helps you connect with your audience. Try to put emotions in your writing. “Read To Benefit Yourself, And Write To Benefit Others”.

We including The author hope to eliminate myths about education and encourage students, professionals, and parents everywhere to accept the truth through his book..


A plethora of author’s ideas and opinions are supported by the science-based learning paradigm, not anecdotal, which are indispensable for the holistic development of a learner.


Through his book, the author wants to help students and professionals, especially parents across the globe to accept the truth, and dispel the myth in education.


The concept and the biggest breakthrough for the author was: IQ was never designed to measure human intelligence.The idea that IQ was never intended to assess human intelligence was the author's main insight.


The author’s thought is totally based on 21st century educational learning and development paradigm. This era is different, and so are its people.

Book Reviews
What Our Readers Says
Reviewed in India on 6 October 2022

This book was really amazing as it paid heed to all those concerns which are usually sidelined by a mere myth of conducting a test to conclude someone based on numerals.

Aditya raj
Reviewed in India on 7 October 2022

This book presents data about level of intelligence, what it implies, the way things are determined and the way things are examined in a brief however definite way.

Debaruna Ghosh
Reviewed in India on 12 October 2022

The author begins by explaining his experience with the word, that when evaluated in school, his IQ was on the below average side and how that had led to him being bullied.

About IQ

The most surprising thing in the book is: IQ was never designed to measure human Intelligence that drives the attention of a reader, and the author did justify his blurb. Since it’s a self-help in nonfiction.

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